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David Butler says his low campaign funds are “not a concern”

September 30, 2010 - 2:21 pm

A couple months back reported the GOP candidate for County Assessor-Recorder-Clerk had out-fundraised the incumbent David Butler seven-to-one.  Butler was said to have only a few thousand bucks on hand.

For some reason, this post bleeped on my radar again this week, so I shot Butler an email to see whether the claim is still accurate and what the deal is. His e-mailed response:

The numbers are reasonably accurate but not a concern….I am confident the voters will respond accordingly to a career politician, just trying to buy a position. I have concentrated on public appearances and actually running the office rather than building a war chest to buy the election. That is what is wrong about the system. The blog is just political rhetoric. I am not finished fundraising but ultimately the number of votes received is more important than the cash raised as many past San Diego races have shown.

Oh kay….

It should be noted that Butler has three times as many Facebook friends as Dronenburg.  Butler also has a mustache and at least one  outfit to wear to a Jimmy Buffet concert.

We’ll know more about the numbers if the Registrar of Voters posts campaign finance reports online this month as planned.

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