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Outsourcing: saves money, eliminates blight?

September 30, 2010 - 4:20 pm

Google Earth photo of general services maintenance yard at 20th and B streets in Golden Hill.

At a press conference today, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders said that within the next few months, he plans to put two city services out to bid: publishing and fleet management. The goal is to see if the private sector can perform these jobs for less than what the city’s currently paying its employees.

If you live in North Park or Golden Hill, you’re probably familiar with the General Services Maintenance Yard that’s just south of Pershing Street, located at 20th and B streets. That’s the storage and repair yard for much of the city’s fleet of 4,000-something vehicles.

It’s ugly. And it’s actually part of Balboa Park. There’s been talk about turning it back into park land—see the second page of this 2006 memo—as well as a suggestion four years ago to use part of the land for a homeless shelter.

I asked the mayor today if the goal is to move the vehicles off that site (should it end up being cheaper to outsource fleet management). He said yes. City Councilmember Todd Gloria, whose district includes Balboa Park, agreed. “The ultimate goal is to move those vehicles out of there and turn it into park land,” he said. “Managed competition or not.”

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  1. lucasoconnor permalink
    September 30, 2010 - 4:38 pm 4:38 pm

    Alright, I’ll bite. What’s wrong with the 19th and B location? It’s cut off from the rest of the park by freeway ramps, it’s tucked out of the way in an area that has relatively little pedestrian/bike traffic and, since B street is the worst hill out of downtown and leads to less than C or Broadway, it isn’t likely to be a pedestrian destination anytime soon. Is this part of a broader plan to re-revitalize East Village and/or somehow make that hill scalable?

    And I’ll skip the privatization rant for now.

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