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Dirty anonymous attacks on county supes

October 1, 2010 - 5:12 pm

Someone—we have no clue who—left a small pile of posters and buttons in our in-basket slamming the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. The anonymous attacks are both below the belt and over our heads. The creator seems to be supporting Stephen Whitburn (a Democrat running against incumbent Republican Ron Roberts) and is really pissed off at the supes for their handling of fire services.  The third in the series, “Blasper the Angry Ghost” is attributed (falsely satirically*) to Pastors on Point, a group referenced in a previous blog post. If you know what “Guakin’ Moron” means in reference to Supervisor Bill Horn, please do share.

We’re not sure how well these are being distributed, but considering they’re unattributed, if it’s more than just our offices that would be a violation of California campaign laws.

We present these not to give them credibility, but just to show you what’s being spread.

* Pastors on Point did not interpret it as satire.

Click to enlarge:

Update: I think “guakin'” might be a reference to the fact Horn owns an avocado grove.

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