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Kim Tran endorses Howard Wayne

October 6, 2010 - 4:20 pm

A former Republican candidate for the district six San Diego City Council seat has endorsed the Democrat in the race, Howard Wayne.

Kim Tran, who picked up 13 percent of the vote in the June election, spoke at an appearance at K Sandwiches in Linda Vista this afternoon.  In the emailed version of her remarks, Tran highlighted Wayne’s career as a fraud prosecutor and his experience in the California Assembly. In the statement, she also says:

While I don’t agree with Howard on some issues, Howard has given me his word that he is committed to revitalizing our communities by creating middle class jobs, restoring fire and police protection and repairing our streets. He is also committed to reforming the pension and reducing the budget deficit.

We have a choice between two candidates here in the 6th district. One candidate in this race is honest. One candidate in this race is capable. One candidate has shown true commitment to the community. And that one candidate is Howard Wayne.

The other candidate is Lorie Zapf, a Republican who Tran criticized during the primary for defaulting on a home mortgage.  Tran quit the San Diego County Republican Party’s central committee last month, calling the party leaders “ineffective, unethical and tyrannical” and complaining that she was being targeted because she had refused to leave the race after the party endorsed Zapf.

Writer’s note: Thanks to The Liberator Today, I caught a typo and deleted it.  I really enjoyed his post. You should read it.

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