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Kim MacConnel gets a lot of La Jolla love

October 12, 2010 - 4:40 pm

If you live in La Jolla, you’re about to really get to know artist Kim MacConnel. One of the Pattern and Decoration masters of the 1970s, the UCSD visual arts professor is about to brighten up the neighborhood with his signature bold colors and funky designs.

Pick up a copy of the Oct. 13 CityBeat to read more about the man (or click here for the web version). And to see his work in person, you’ve got a few options in the coming months:

  1. Collection Applied Design: A Kim MacConnel Retrospective on view now through Jan. 23, 2011 at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s La Jolla location.
  2. Kim MacConnel | Abracadabra: New Abstract Enamels on view at Quint Contemporary Art Nov. 5 through Feb. 5 of next year.
  3. The La Jolla Community Foundation granted funding for the new La Jolla Art Project. The first featured artist will be — you guessed it — Kim MacConnel. The artist is installing a large-scale mural on three walls at 7724 Girard Ave. in downtown La Jolla.

In other San Diego art news…

In continuing with the goal of building an online social network for every possible real-world social group in existence, a New York company has launched Open Art Collection, a social network for artists, art collectors, museums, galleries and art enthusiasts. I was going to try it out before I did a post on it, but I got distracted by Facebook.

Heard of the Arts in the California Governor’s Race project? It’s a little something organized by arts organizations and lovers from around the state. The goal is to make sure arts projects aren’t left behind. Join the project in “building a statewide army of citizen activists who will help send the message to the gubernatorial candidates that the arts are important to California’s future.” Or at least follow them on Twitter (60 followers is just such a sadly small number for a statewide army).

The the giant Commune-A-Tree Mosaic Mural is done. It was completed by the kids and community of University Heights and is on view at Alice Birney Elementary School. 4345 Campus Ave. Very cute.

Urban Trees 6, an exhibit of 30 sculptures that line San Diego’s North Embarcadero in planter boxes, is coming down. A certain coworker of mine cheered at the news (the unnamed coworker says enough is enough) yet apparently wasn’t aware that a new crop of Urban Trees is ready to take their place. Word on the street is that a few have already been installed, so get down there and email me photos so I can post them on our site. So, what happens to the trees from series six? They get sold. Or lent out for display. Interested? Contact the Port’s Public Art Department at (619) 686-7246.

The University of California Institute for Research in the Arts is gearing up for its fourth annual system-wide State of the Arts Conference, to be held Nov. 18-21 at UCSD. The apt theme this year is “Future Tense: Alternative Arts and Economies in the University,” so you can expect the fast-fire Pecha Kucha style presentations to touch on just what the hell universities can do during these tough economic times.

The Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation announced its 2010 Honoree. Oceanside music man, Phil Buns. Buns is being honored tonight at the John Steiger Memorial Performing Arts Scholarship Gala at the Oceanside Museum of Art. My personal favorite musical pantomime troupes (OK, the only one I know of), Steam Powered Giraff, will be one of the many performers. Watch a Giraffe video here and thank me later. The crew performs in Balboa Park pretty often.

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