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More footage of Popaditch and supporters on election-night rampage

November 4, 2010 - 1:57 am

The Chula Vista Star-News captured some pretty amazing footage of the confrontation between Republican Nick Popaditch’s supporters and Congressman Bob Filner.

The Southwestern College Sun had a student reporter standing right next to Filner at the time. They report that Popaditch’s supporters spat on Filner and changed their chant from “Pop-a-Ditch” to “Bob’s a Bitch.” They also report that a Filner supporter was punched in the face.

The San Diego Union-Tribune quotes Filner saying “It was like a mob scene…There was violence in their eyes.”

In a second clip, the Star-News has Popaditch giving a sweaty explanation of why Filner is a liar:

Basically, Popaditch is pissed off that Filner ran an advertisement that said Popaditch “didn’t vote in 11 years.” As KUSI reported, the claim is true in that Popaditch did have an 11 year stretch when he didn’t vote between 1992 and 2004. It is misleading in that those 11 years don’t include the last six years, but it ain’t a lie.

And if we’re going to says it’s OK to incite riots over a sleazy, misleading claim in an attack ad, we might as well just declare anarchy. You should see the stacks on my desk regarding just city council and the board of county supervisors…

For our post yesterday, with images, click here.

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  1. denisfay permalink
    November 8, 2010 - 12:28 pm 12:28 pm

    couple of comments.
    the unfortunate fact is: that south bay is strictly democrat turf. hence, why no solid and gop backed candidate bothers to run there. it takes a neophyte to do so. one, quite frankly the local party bosses DID NOT want. south bay, chula vista, et al is considered a waste of time and money, and they sure were not going to spend money on someone who they would never be able to control. and control is what candidates sell to the local bosses. well, control and THEIR own money. (control being: that they don’t mind selling it, and become gop puppets)

    so it takes a neophyte to run there.
    problem with neophytes is, that they don’t think any of their past is fair game. whatever good thing they have done, they think it wipes the slate clean. they are not ever able to grasp that EVERYTHING in their past will/might come back to haunt them. one would assume early on that gunny pop could have said, hey ” i used to think it didn’t matter, and didn’t bother to vote, but now I see the mistake in that ideology”, or “hey, i was too busy defending your freedom to worry what was happening back home. that was a mistake”, but he didn’t. there are no take backs in politics. again, only green horns seem to misunderstand this.

    gunny pop much like major crimmons are not gop bound. the party does not like anyone who behaves in this manner. big donors rule the day. do you think they would give money to the gop to help candidates like this screw up all the projects they expect them to red light? hardly.

    for what its worth, in the past many of us have been bullied by filners paid mob. no it wasn’t on camera, nor was it of this caliber, but it happened at election central too. maybe his goons need a pay raise

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