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White nationalist and Popaditch supporter brags about Golden Hall violence, calls for armed revolution

November 5, 2010 - 12:58 am

This used to be Aurick's profile image. His new one is at the bottom.*

We’ve shown you a lot of video and photos from the altercation between Republican Congressional candidate Nick  “Gunny Pop” Popaditch’s Tea Party supporters and Rep. Bob Filner, his Democratic opponent, at Golden Hall on election night.  The footage shows chanting, yelling, shoving, cursing and just plain ugliness. But how did Popaditch supporters perceive it?

Here’s what it looked like to one member of Gunny’s Corps. The following video was shot, edited and uploaded to YouTube by a Popaditch supporter who happens to go by the handle “Aurick the Great White Elf” on the white nationalist message board, At the time he was using the Beavis & Butthead image to the right as his profile image…which is fitting considering the video is very heavy metal.

The video contains amateur footage of the Popaditch Experience at Election Central, followed by images of insurgents, militias, the Irish Republican Army, a whole lot of AK-47s (Aurick lists researching AKs and revisionist history as among his interests on his “about me“) and Mel Gibson in Braveheart (wtf).  It also makes reference to snipers and is accompanied by this call to action (emphasis added):

When political and diplomatic negotiations fail then we have only violent rebellion left to insure our people are fairly represented. We may have to force our government to respect our demands at gunpoint! This election was a complete fraud for those of you that still can’t see the obvious and we have almost exausted all peaceful negotiation with this tyrannical governement, so what is left? Total war is all that’s left to us! I saw the begining of it last night and so did all of you, but most of you do not realize it yet. This is a game they let us win a few seats in the House but this is not in any way a decisive victory and the tyrants are still in power! Now is the time we begin to force them to recogzise our power, and we’ve only just begun to fight. We have rebel friends around the world too that will join us in our eternal struggle for freedom.

Later, Aurick came back and added this comment to his video:

At frames 204 -206 you can see Filner cowardly hiding his back against the support beam as trys to avoid Nick Popaditch and all of our questions we have for the weasle. It iwas a joy to see him as the coward I always knew he was, if you couold see it any better it would be obvious he’s afraid and probably for the first time in his privileadged litte rich boy life.

Popaditch lost to Filner by about 20 percent. Aurick talks about election night over at Stormfront, bragging about the violence and that the police did not respond:

Bob Filner was terrrified of us we outnumbered his paid support staff. He ran like a coward through the hall last night and refused to talk with Popaditch. We cornered him up against a poll and shouted at him but I could get all of that on video but you’ll see we’re running and very excited at one point that was the best part to see Filner’s fear and even the cops were afraid of us! At several times there were minor fights between Nick’s supporters and the paid staff of Filner. One man said this is just the begining. Yes, I say its the begining of a rebellion! I make a comparative look at simmilar rebellions of the past. I ask you what is left to us when politics fails?

Aurick has admitted on Stormfront that he joined the Klu Klux Klan in San Diego (“sadly” right before it disbanded). He ends all his post with the signature: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children! Nothing less!” He routinely rails against ZOG, which stands for Zionist Occupation Government, you know, the whole “Jews secretly control the world” conspiracy. And, just to make sure we’re clear where this guy is coming from, this is another rant he posted on Stormfront:

Today I saw a White woman with a black man walking down the street with their vile spawn half-breed bastard. They are sick if they think for a second that the world is going to accept this, or that this is normal. It is still wrong and I hope the vile spawn of such an unholy union gets sick and dies as it is unfit to live anyhow and genetically weaker than either a pure Black or pure White person would be. There used to be a law against such things unforntunatly that changed. Common sense should be enough but these people have none.

The irony of it all is that last night, only about half of Popaditch’s supporters were white. But who’s laughing at irony when there’s a guy editing videos of an attack on a sitting congressman, who just happens to be Jewish, together with shots of signs that say “Sniper at Work”?

* Shortly after this post went live, Aurick changed his profile image from Beavis & Butthead to this:

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  1. November 5, 2010 - 1:07 pm 1:07 pm

    Most San Diegans don’t realize how rare it is to have an event like election central, where Democrats, Republicans, and 3rd parties, and all the hacks and flacks you can name, join together to congratulate the winners, console the losers and reaffirm our shared commitment to peaceful transitions of power (and bad margaritas).

    After nearly 30 years in and around political campaigns, I haven’t found one other place in America where this happens. Usually the parties convene at separate hotel ballrooms, though the Republicans (as Christine O’Donnell reminded us on national television) usually have free food.

    Comes now Mr. Nick “Gunny Pop” Popaditch, a 3rd string candidate with a comic book personality and a distinct knack for stirring the passions of our county’s fascist fringe. Embarrassed that Rep. Filner revealed Nick’s zealous patriotism to be a recent development (there is absolutely no debate that he failed to vote for 11 years), “Gunny Pop” mobilized a foaming-at-the-mouth mob of violent Teed-off Partiers, hell-bent on exacting their revenge because…seriously…Filner failed to specify WHICH elections Popaditch ditched.

    After viewing the spectacle first hand, I wonder just what Popaditch thought he was defending when he served in our Armed Forces. The right of angry losers to shout down democratically elected officials? The suppression of free speech when it doesn’t come on your terms? Just what did you think you were defending Mr. Popaditch? It apparently wasn’t the constitution you swore to uphold.

    We can only hope that this stunning display of anti-Americanism does not mark the beginning of the end for election central. In our own innocent way, we San Diegans have long conducted our election nights with amicable nonpartisanship, admired by political activists and media in other communities around the state and nation. If Mr. Popaditch and his band of thugs find a new outlet for their rage (perhaps square dancing?) our election night tradition may yet endure.

  2. kodotheshoe permalink
    November 6, 2010 - 12:17 pm 12:17 pm

    Because some people think we’re a democracy.. and they would be right; the caveat, however, is that we SHOULD be a republic. So what you call “fascist fringe” and by the way, fascism is a distinctly LEFT ideology is actually a desire to restore what was lost or rather, overthrown, by nut jobs such as the progressive (read: communist) movement.

    You do realize the policies that the left constantly push are policies that people died to prevent from being established here and for good reason.

    Gunny served Filner on a platter but you knuckle draggers in Kommiefornia are so afraid to get down to basics that you confuse yourself with the complex, psycho bullying, that people you’ve elected to represent you constantly oppress you with. They’d rather see you running ragged and preoccupied with yourselves so that you can’t “focus” on anything they are doing to pooch screw you to the wall.

    It’s evident that the left does NOT understand the underlying ideology of the Tea Party movement at all. You’re being robbed blind. We all are and our movement was established to start a push to put a stop to it and other abuses the our “central planners” are so willing to employ. See Mr. “The Fed will not monetize the debt” Bernanke who just dropped $600B smack-a-roos to do just that; and in effect perjured himself at the same time. Yet NO ONE is putting hand-cuffs on this guy. Eh.. but you don’t care about that… do you. You’d rather let them send you some Prep-H for the utter rape they perpetrate on “you” in regular intervals.

    Wake up dude.. Mr. “I built a VA Hospital that is empty and has no staff” Filner doesn’t give two shits about you… or the people he is supposed to SERVE. Gunny called him out and Filner was s stuttering nit-wit. You guys just like sugar coating because hearing like it is hurts your egos. Well, let me lay it out for you. We fought wars to fight against the expansion of freedom destroying ideologies and here we are, in 2010, with a country full of freedom hating thugs that we tried to keep out. Only this time, they were born here… in places like California.

    1984 here we come.

  3. strelnikov2 permalink
    November 11, 2010 - 3:47 am 3:47 am

    White supremacy has constantly dogged conservative politics and this Popaditch-supporting nut is nothing new, nor are the posters here claiming that fascism is some sort of Left-wing movement (does the author of “Liberal Fascism” get ten cents every time somebody mentions that meme?)

    • kodotheshoe permalink
      December 12, 2010 - 9:57 pm 9:57 pm

      You’re just another person who hates the FACT the Musolinni’s fascism was the blue print and it was, without a doubt, a leftist ideology. For the record, the white supremacist could all disappear tomorrow and I would be ecstatic. I would cheer and thank God that they were removed. We don’t need them anymore than we need “progressives” (what an oxy-moron) like you trying to shove entitlements down our throats and making everyone pay for them. Eff that.. you make your own way, I’ll make mine. You couldn’t measure up to the Gunny on your best day.

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