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New Foreskin Man comic book tackles Jewish mohels

December 2, 2010 - 2:09 pm

One of the weirdest comic books to debut during Comic-Con season originated from Pacific Beach resident Matthew Hess’ underwear.  As we reported early this year, Hess is upset that his foreskin was removed when he was a child and complains that, without that bit, sex just isn’t as good. He describes himself as an “intactivist,” an activist who supports “genital integrity” and opposes circumcision.  To that extent, he’s written a piece of legislation that would bar male  circumcision and now writes a comic book, Foreskin Man, featuring a San Diego superhero who fights villains, such as the evil pediatrician “Dr. Mutilator.”

(I named Foreskin Man one of the best not-so-superheroes of 2010 in our Best of San Diego issue.)

Hess’ second release—available for free online (pdf)—is even more controversial than the first (one newspaper went so far as to censor the logo on Foreskin Man’s chest). Issue #2 tackles the Jewish practice of circumcision, the ritual bris, and vilifies the rabbis who perform the procedure. This one’s named “Monster Mohel” and is accompanied by Hasidic Jews wielding machine guns.

I predict it’ll be all of 10 minutes before the Anti-Defamation League declares Hess anti-semitic. As a non-practicing member of “the tribe,” I do have one bone to pick–the Monster Mohel is missing a mustache. Devout Jews (the ones who wear curls and talits) aren’t allowed to shave.  Perhaps, the artist confused the Hasids with the Amish.

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