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Tony Young dishes out city committee assignments

December 9, 2010 - 4:23 pm

Council Prez Tony Young

San Diego City Council President Tony Young sent out a memo yesterday listing the committee appointments for the new council, as well as announcing his intention to create an Ad hoc Committee of the Redevelopment Agency.

Young’s appointments skew in favor of Democrats, appointing council members on the left to fill all the chairmanships, except for the audit committee, which will be led by President Pro-tem Kevin Faulconer. Todd Gloria picks up two chairmanships: Budget and Finance, as well as the new Ad Hoc committee. Even freshman David Alvarez was assigned to lead the committee on Natural Resources and Culture.

Republican Carl DeMaio was also snubbed when it came to chairmanships, though he was assigned to two committees best suited for a fiscal hawk: Budget & Finance and Audit. Republican Lorie Zapf benefited the least: She received only two appointments—Natural Resources & Culture and Public Safety & Neighborhood Resources—two of the least influential committees. Young also spelled her name wrong.

Here’s the list (pdf):

Council President Pro Tem: Kevin Faulconer

Committee on Rules, Open Government and Intergovernmental Relations

Chair: Young

Vice Chair: Faulconer

Members: Sherri Lightner, Todd Gloria, Marti Emerald.

Committee on Land Use and Housing

Chair: Lightner

Vice Chair: Gloria

Members: Faulconer, David Alvarez

Committee on Natural Resources and Culture

Chair:  Alvarez

Vice Chair: Carl DeMaio

Members: Lightner, Lorie Zapf

Committee on Public Safety and Neighborhood Services

Chair: Emerald

Vice Chair: Zapf

Members: Gloria, Alvarez

Committee on Budget and Finance

Chair: Gloria

Vice Chair: DeMaio

Members: Lightner, Faulconer, Emerald

Audit Committee

Chair: Faulconer

Vice Chair: DeMaio

Young also proposes a new committee:

“I am proposing the establishment of an Ad Hoc committee of the Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Diego. The Committee will consist of four Councilmembers and have the same responsibilities consistent with the standing committees of the Council including ascertaining facts and making recommendations on designating an Executive Director of the Redevelopment Agency.”

Chair: Gloria

Vice Chair: Emerald

Members: Faulconer, Alvarez

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