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Bill Horn loses!

January 4, 2011 - 5:48 pm

This news made our day: Bill Horn is not bullet proof.

Earlier this year, CityBeat dutifully documented every scandal the county supervisor has survived in his 16 years on the board. The ink was still wet on our “Flush Bill Horn” issue when new scandals emerged, from skipping the building-permitting process to funneling county funds to a religious group.

And, yet, Horn woke up Nov. 3 with a fresh term on the board of supervisors.

Enter Bernard Tolin, a septuagenarian mortgage broker in Mission Valley. Tolin told CityBeat that Horn had stiffed him on a commission payment a year ago and he wasn’t going to take it anymore.

“Mr. Bill Horn thinks he’s above the law,” Tolin said after filing a complaint in small-claims court. “I’m going to tell that to the judge. Most people have to obey the rules. Mr. Horn thinks he can write his own rules based on his net worth and arrogance.”

We’re not sure what Tolin actually said to the judge, but whatever it was worked. On Dec. 22, a judge ruled that Horn owed Tolin $3,000 plus $85 for filing costs.

Of course, Horn is a millionaire and Tolin says Horn owed him $9,356, so even with court ruling, Horn still pulled a $6,271 discount. But, you know, victory’s priceless, right?

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