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‘Fact-devoid ideological spam’-buster launches tomorrow

January 7, 2011 - 5:14 pm

In our fall 2010 campaign column, “Turds and Blossoms,” we awarded the San Diego County Republican Party a bunch of blossoms for its aggressive social-media strategy. Indeed, you’ll get barely a peep outta the San Diego Dems. The Republicans, on the other hand, have a master-tweeter in GOP chair Tony Krvaric, as well as a virtual gathering place of sorts at the blog San Diego Rostra.

Not to say the Dems are totally useless. But they could do better. Enter Launching tomorrow, the site seeks to be “a progressive voice to advocate for a comprehensive vision of all that the city could be, and to battle against those who attempt to reduce the city to as little as it can be.”

The website’s a joint project of Jason Everitt, a 27-year-old research and policy analyst at the left-leaning Center on Policy Initiatives, and 29-year-old Lucas O’Connor, a self-described “political hack” who works for the Courage Campaign. The name, Everitt said, is “about both sides of the political debate being rebuilt; there’s two of us and we’re West Wing geeks.” (The name refers to a West Wing episode.)

“What Lucas and I are trying to do is put our big-boy pants on and get into the real fight,” Everitt said. “I got my political education in cities where Democrats had a swagger. In San Diego, we have the voters, but we still allow ourselves to get walked over.”

The website will be a mix of political analysis and reporting as well as an organizing tool. Mostly, they want to help shape the local progressive movement’s narrative which, Everitt said, is too often fragmented.

“We came in and we said, ‘Why couldn’t it be better? Why can’t the Democrats come out and participate in the public dialog the way that Carl DeMaio does?’ The voters are clearly there, but we need to talk to them and share the progressive vision for San Diego.”

Or, as he put it, “Someone’s gotta be out there punching the other guy in the mouth.”

(BTW, the “fact devoid ideological spam” in the blog title is Everitt’s term for GOP blather.) is having a launch party at Blind Lady Ale House, 3416 Adams Ave., Normal Heights, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 8.

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