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San Diego white nationalist renews revolutionary rhetoric after Tucson shooting

January 10, 2011 - 9:54 am

Note: We understand many readers won’t want to visit white nationalist websites, so we’ve posted Aurick’s full diatribes at the bottom of the page.

A San Diego extremist who participated in an election-night assault (vid) on Rep. Bob Filner renewed his calls for armed revolution following the Saturday shooting in Tucson that left six dead, 13 wounded and Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in critical condition.

In November, the self-identified white nationalist who uses the internet handle “Aurick the Great White Elf” posted a video to YouTube (or see below) featuring violent imagery with footage from Election Central, San Diego’s official city-sponsored election-night party. He bragged about how Republican candidate Nick Popaditch’s supporters “terrified” the Democratic Congressman. He also left rambling diatribes (or see below) that called  for a “violent rebellion” and declared the time had come to “force our government to respect our demands at gunpoint.”

In a thread on the popular white nationalist discussion website, Aurick posted the following message about Jared Lee Loughner, the suspect arrested in connection with the Jan. 8 attack:

“Who knows maybe this guy was just fed up too, whatever his motive I’m sure he was justified and I am enjoying this moment because this is how a revolution begins people, and it’s funny. I’m going to celebrate!”

To Stormfront’s credit, the site immediately removed Aurick’s post and suspended his account. His remark was ridiculed by other white nationalists on the site, with at least one user posting an image of a man with his head up his ass.

Stormfront’s white nationalists—a catch-all term for a variety of extreme right-wing ideologies, including Neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan and the Minutemen—seemed distressed over the shooting. While some pointed out that Giffords is Jewish, many seemed to appreciate the Blue Dog Democrat’s conservative position on immigration and her support for gun-ownership rights.

Others were concerned that the shooting would bring further law-enforcement scrutiny on members of the white-nationalist movement. In December, at least 30 white nationalists in California were arrested as part of “Operation Stormfront,” an undercover operation named after the website, according to OC Weekly.

Aurick, who is reportedly 46 years old, describes himself online as a collector of AK-47s and a student of revisionist history and uses an image of a masked insurgent with a grenade launcher as his avatar. Aurick frequently posts offensive racist remarks on Stormfront to complain about the Hispanic and African-American population in San Diego County.

This is the video and call to arms he posted after election night:

The first half is Aurick’s video recording of election night. The violent imagery begins at the 3:30 mark and quickly becomes an exhibition of AK-47s and ski-masks.

Aurick writes in the YouTube description:

The first part of the video is election night from Golden Hall in San Diego the 51st congressional district our hopes and prayers for real change are with Nick “Gunny” Popaditch. The Second aspect of this video is that this has all happened before when a governemnt fails to represent the people and is a tyranny then the people have no choice left but rebellion, and we’re clearly seeing the begining of total rebellion. We have seen it before and I draw the Historical comparison to the Jacobyte rebellion and the resistance of the IRA.
When political and diplomatic negotiations fail then we have only violent rebellion left to insure our people are fairly represented. We may have to force our government to respect our demands at gunpoint! This election was a complete fraud for those of you that still can’t see the obvious and we have almost exausted all peaceful negotiation with this tyrannical governement, so what is left? Total war is all that’s left to us! I saw the begining of it last night and so did all of you, but most of you do not realize it yet. This is a game they let us win a few seats in the House but this is not in any way a decisive victory and the tyrants are still in power! Now is the time we begin to force them to recogzise our power, and we’ve only just begun to fight. We have rebel friends around the world too that will join us in our eternal struggle for freedom.

and later in the comments section

At frames 204 -206 you can see Filner cowardly hiding his back against the support beam as trys to avoid Nick Popaditch and all of our questions we have for the weasle. It iwas a joy to see him as the coward I always knew he was, if you couold see it any better it would be obvious he’s afraid and probably for the first time in his privileadged litte rich boy life. He’s like the guy who hid behind the baby in the Stephan King Story Dead Zone.

Aurick's avatar, an Irish Republican Army insurgent

and on the website

The 51st district San Diego Ca. Nick ‘Gunny’ Popaditch was our great hope. For the rest of you who don’t know who he is Nick Popaditch is retired Marine a Republican.

Bob Filner is a liberal douche who has been in office for about 20 years and always unopposed, he’s the representtive of everything in Obamas agenda that we hate and doesn’t care about us in this district.

Bob Filner was terrrified of us we outnumbered his paid support staff. He ran like a coward through the hall last night and refused to talk with Popaditch. We cornered him up against a poll and shouted at him but I could get all of that on video but you’ll see we’re running and very excited at one point that was the best part to see Filner’s fear and even the cops were afraid of us! At several times there were minor fights between Nick’s supporters and the paid staff of Filner.

One man said this is just the begining. Yes, I say its the begining of a rebellion! I make a comparative look at simmilar rebellions of the past.

I ask you what is left to us when politics fails?

UPDATE: For the record, Aurick also spreads his hates to Republicans, especially Mike Huckabee, who he describes as “treasonous.”

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