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Celebrate Ronald Reagan by looking at crime stats around the Ronald Reagan Community Center

February 1, 2011 - 6:57 pm

While folks like Vince Vasquez are putting a lot of effort into gathering signatures to rename the Coronado Bridge after President Ronald Reagan and the county board of supervisors are busy declaring Sunday to be “Ronald Reagan Day,” perhaps the rest of us could take a moment to look at the situation around a landmark already named after the conservative hero—the Ronald Reagan Community Center in El Cajon.

These ARJIS crime figures are from the last 90 days and the totals on the right are all within that 1,000-foot circle. Here are the crime stats for the last two years for Beat 8 and Beat 10—the Reagan center sits between the two.

According to the NY Times’ census explorer, that neighborhood is the poorest in El Cajon, with 42 to 57 percent of the households earning under $30,000 per year.  Only 68 percent are high school graduates.

Not making any particular point here other than, hey, instead of working real hard to name stuff after Reagan, why not honor him by making that neighborhood a better place to live?

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